MTA:SA server not working (Failed querying the server)

if your server does not work and this sentence show "Failed querying the server", the server could be in the process of running and may take some time, wait for few minuties and monitor your server.

if the issue continue, here a list of things to check:

1- You may have set a long server name, try to change the server name to the default "Default MTA Server" and check whether this solve the issue.

2- Check the log files to see if there's anything indicate to the issue in the file "/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log".
3- You may have made incorrect modification to any of the configration files such as acl.xml, mta server.conf.
4- You may have deleted or modified any of the following server binary files which are essential for the server to work:

Also be aware our servers uses Linux Operation System. DO NOT upload Windows files and expect them to work.

You can also reinstall your server which will delete all of the files and restore the defualt server files and configuration.
To reinstall your server, click on Addons then install Plugin then select the desired server version and click on install.

if the issue continue after you have followed the above, please submit a support ticket and we will gladly look into it for you.
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